How do I access the Teacher Learning Community on my iPad?

To access your Teacher Learning Community membership from your iPad, open your Safari App and browse to and Login in the upper right corner.

The Teacher Learning Community is optimized for use on a computer, but most of the Community’s features work well on your iPad too. 

Expect these popular features to work as usual on your iPad:

  • Browsing Shared Resources or the Course Catalog
  • Registering for an upcoming webinar
  • Viewing an on-demand webinar
  • Viewing and posting in forums
  • Accessing the Help Center
  • Badges, Redemption Center, and Leaderboards
  • Uploading a Web Page into Shared Resources

These Community features do not work on the iPad at this time:

  • Self-paced Training Tutorials
  • Uploading a file into Shared Resources





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