How can I post to a Forum Topic?

Forums are a great place to learn and share with other educators inside the Teacher Learning Community. You can start a new topic or you can reply to a post on a forum.  You would open a forum and click the New Topic Button to start something new.  Forums are not only important because you can connect and collaborate with educators all around the world but because there you can also post a question to the Community Members.  There are many experts in the Community that can help you with answers that you need.  If you see a post where you could help someone out please feel free to share your knowledge. :)

Look below to see how you could reply to a forum post that is already inside a topic.

Login at

  1.  Click Forums
  2.  Click Introductions
  3.  Click New Topic
  4.  Enter Hello
  5.  Click Post
  6.  Click Hello
  7.  Click Reply







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