Who can register for live webinars?

Everyone can register for a LIVE, upcoming webinar and it’s super easy! Just make sure you already have your free basic membership set up.

Once you’re logged in and you’ve found an upcoming live webinar you want to attend, just click the Register Button.  (The easiest way to find upcoming webinars is by clicking on the Upcoming Webinars tab.)  Once you register you should receive an email with all of the information you’ll need for that webinar. See, super easy! :)

Just as a reminder, it’s important to use the same email as your membership login for your live webinar registrations. That way your attendance and the webinars you attend can be tracked with your membership account!

We also give you the option of viewing the upcoming webinars in list form that you can peruse without logging in.  Click here for a list of upcoming webinars.

Later if you upgrade from a Basic Membership to a Full Membership you will have certificates for all of those webinars that you attended.  Those could be printed out and possibly used for CEUs! Woohoo! :)

Login at http://www.simplek12.com

  1.  ClickWebinars
  2.  ClickUpcoming
  3.  ClickRegister





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