Can I have the ebook that goes with the live webinar that I just attended?

If you did not write down the eBook link at the time of the webinar you can search for it in the Shared Resources area of the Teacher Learning Community.  Just click Shared Resources and filter your search to find the eBook title.  Once you find what you’re looking for, and maybe a little more, you can download it from there. Note that not all webinars will have eBooks.

You can also enter in the title of the eBook into the search bar and it will search the entire Teacher Learning Community for resources.  Not only will it find the eBook you were looking for but it might bring up some other awesome resources to view as well! :)

Login at

  1.  Click Shared Resources
  2.  Click Find A Resource
  3.   Use the All Resource Types dropdown to select eBook
  4.  Click Sort by Date or Rating
  5.  Click Title
  6.  Click View







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