What Time Zone are the live training sessions conducted in?

We are located in Florida so all of the training sessions are presented in Eastern Time USA.  Below is a link to find out how many hours behind or ahead of the scheduled session time you will need to be if you are not located in Eastern Time USA.

Click on the white point on Florida to see what time it is in Florida. Then click on a white point for your home location. Simply add or subtract the times to see the difference.
Click Here for time zone map.

If you don’t like doing math, you can always adjust your profile settings and let the Teacher Learning Community do the math for you! :)

When you do this your local time will show up on the Webinar Registration Page and you will not need to remember the time difference. To find the Webinar Registration Page, click on the registered training session and scroll down to Details. This is where you can see the Date & Time in your local time. 

Login at http://www.simplek12.com

  1.  Click your Name in the upper right-hand corner
  2.  Click View Profile
  3.  Click Edit
  4.  Change Time Zone to your local time

If you happen to miss a live training session, it will be posted to our On-Demand section in 48 hours for archived viewing.  This feature is available for All Access Members of the Teacher Learning Community.




Click HERE for our upcoming training schedule.


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