Will I receive a certificate if I watch an On-Demand training session or workshop?

Yes! :) Watching an On-Demand session will provide you with a certificate of completion.  Unlike LIVE sessions, your transcript will update almost immediately and your certificate of completion will be available to print out right then and there.


When you view an On-Demand session for the first time you will need to watch the session all the way through to receive credit.  If you pause or skip through the recording it will not show as “Completed” on your transcripts.   You are more than welcome to pause or fast forward once you’ve received credit for the session and are just reviewing it an additional time.

A lot of teachers cannot attend LIVE sessions, but earn their certificates later when they watch the recordings at home or during a break at school.  You will need a Full Access Premium Membership to watch the On-Demand sessions or to receive Transcript Reports.

Login at http://www.simplek12.com

  1.  Click Display Name
  2.  Click View Profile
  3.  Click Transcript
  4.  Click Ribbon Icon
  5. Click Save

Prior to printing:

  1. Select 100 percent.
  2. Select Current Page
  3. Select Actual size
  4. Select Landscape








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