Can I print certificates of completion for training sessions that I attend or view?

Once you sign into the Teacher Learning Community you can find a ton of great information inside your profile.  Click on your name in the upper right-hand corner to access your profile. You will see a Transcript button which is where you can print your certificates. You can print certificates for any training session or workshop that you view LIVE or On-Demand.  On-Demand certificates are available right away.  But it does take 48 hours before certificates from LIVE sessions are posted to your transcript. Once you’ve completed a session and your transcript has been updated, you will see a small icon to the left of the session title; click on the icon to print your certificate.

Please note that certificates are only available to members who currently have Full Membership.  If you have a free Basic Membership then certificates will not be available.  
(Note:  If you do not see the Print Button but only Save, Click the Change Button and change settings.)


Login at

  1.  Click Display Name
  2.  Click View Profile
  3.  Click Transcript
  4.  Click Ribbon Icon
  5.  Click Save or Print



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