Can I download the Backchannel Notes?

Yes! There are two ways to go about this.  All of the backchannels are posted on the blue title slide in the beginning of each webinar.  Also, if you are viewing the webinar live, the link is sent out during the webinar and you can jot it down to view at a later time.

You might also find a link underneath the webinar in the Teacher Learning Community. This will lead you to the backchannel chat from the original webinar.  This is our backup back channel.  The most up to date will be the backchannel link on the webinar slide.

Note: Any Titan Pad backchannel chats will become Read Only May 1st 2017.  We are working on transferring all archived Titan Pad backchannel chats to the Bunny Pad for your convenience. :)  

Feel free to COPY and paste those backchannel notes to your own word doc, pages, google doc, etc. however, please remember these backchannel chats are collaborative not to CUT and paste or else the notes will be lost for everyone. 








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