How do I know if I’ve already completed a particular training session?

Once you’ve attended a training session, either live or on-demand, the status will show Complete.  If you are an All Access Member, you can attend and re-watch the same training sessions multiple times. However, you can only receive one certificate for that individual course or workshop. This is important to remember if you are looking for CEU’s for your certificates.

Below are step-by-step instructions that will show you how to check if you’ve seen a training session before. If the status says Complete, you’ve seen it previously and already have a certificate of completion for that training session.  Feel free to watch it again since most of our presenters pack their presentations with great resources! :) 

Login at

  1.  Click Webinars
  2.  Click Upcoming
  3.  Click Training Session Title
  4.  Check Status for Complete




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