You say that my purchase failed, but my bank says that funds were taken out?

When a purchase transaction fails due to a bad billing address, many times the funds are taken anyways by your banking institution and held for 24 hours. Then these funds are released back to your credit card account by your bank. We never receive the funds.  Just wait 24 hours and you should see the funds show back up on your card.  The error message for this situation will look like the one below.

(Order Status: Declined - The transaction has been declined because of an AVS mismatch. The address provided does not match the billing address of the cardholder.)

What causes this error is that the address given does not match the billing address on the credit card.  During the membership purchase when an address is asked for always enter the billing address of the credit card.  This credit card billing address may not be the school address.  If you do this it will prevent this type of situation from happening again.  

No worries, this is a common mistake.  Many teachers have entered the school address instead of the credit card billing address.  You can still continue your membership purchase.  Next time when you enter the proper billing address your credit card will be accepted.


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