What is the difference between a Basic and Full Access Premium Membership?

A Basic Membership is free for everyone, but a Full Membership is a paid membership.  While there are many advantages to having a Full Membership, the main difference is having the ability to watch training sessions On-Demand. This allows our Full members to be completely in control of their professional development. Choose what you want to learn and when! In addition, Full Members enjoy Certificates of Completion and Training Time Summary reports which may lead to CEUs (check with your school/district).

There is a third type of membership and that is a Group Membership.  These are Full Memberships but they are tied to a school, district or some other organization with Group Reporting and Administration Features.  These memberships will provide you with your best discount.  To find out more about Group Memberships you can Request A Quote, or send an email to sales@simplek12.com.

You can purchase a new Full Access License today or upgrade to become a Full Member. 

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